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About Me


-My love for photography began during my sophomore year in high school. I won a 1st place ribbon for a picture of a pony I had taken. I was smitten from that day forward.

-I graduated with a BFA in Art Photography from Syracuse University. In case you were wondering, it is really, really cold and snowy in Upstate NY.

-I am rarely serious....I am serious about that.

-I have the best time at weddings! it would be odd to not see me smiling or cracking up. (please refer to the line about me rarely being serious)

-I am obsessed with ring images. Getting a perfect ring pic always kicks off a wedding day for me.

-I love running half marathons. I have run one in every state and I am currently pursuing 100 half marathons as well as one in each continent!!

-Love, love, love to travel! I am the happiest when I have my camera in hand and I am discovering new places.

-some of my favorite things are: beer (hoppy IPA please), mashed potatoes and gravy, ny mets, giants and knicks and my gorgeous cat sabrina.

-I take fewer clients as a rule so I can deliver more personal attention (it's the whole Jerry Maguire thing but without the typed up mission statement thingie).

-I am a people person! Whether I am meeting people at weddings, my travels, while running....once you get me talking, it's hard to stop me.